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Musicsoft Arts Logo

Musicsoft Arts is a New York City based mobile music company. We specialize in mobile music Applications and services. We are a passionate team of experienced software developers, new media producers and music professionals, and we are 100% focused on building hi-fi hit MUSIC mobile Apps.

Our Apps have been downloaded by more than 15 million music fans worldwide since we launched our first App in late 2009, and we have produced several of the most popular, top selling and top grossing music Apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad mobile devices. Our Apps reach over 500,000 new music fans every month. We are helping bands get their music discovered by millions of mobile music fans.

Our Vision

We believe that music is going mobile and interactive, and that most music fans desire compelling music Apps and services. We believe that most music fans will pay for great mobile music experiences. We strive to become the leading mobile music Apps company to serve this need.

We are committed to build the next-generation interactive music experiences for mobile platforms such as the iPhone and the iPad, and we work closely with musicians and DJs to bring great music content to a worldwide mobile audience.
We’d like to allow any music fan to play their music creatively, at the best sound quality possible, privately and in a social setting. We also strive to make hi-fi sound and digital DJing easy, fun and affordable.